A weekly podcast talking about the latest developments and updates from the Ubuntu Security team.

Latest Episode

Episode 196

Posted on Friday, May 26, 2023

This week we look at some recent security developments from PyPI, the Linux Security Summit North America and the pending transition of Ubuntu 18.04 to ESM, plus we cover security updates for cups-filter, the Linux kernel, Git, runC, ncurses, cloud-init and more.

Episode 185

Posted on Friday, Dec 16, 2022

For our final episode of 2022, Camila is back with a special holiday themed discussion of the security of open source code, plus we hint at what is in store for the podcast for 2023 and we cover some recent security updates including Python, PostgreSQL, Squid and more.

Episode 184

Posted on Friday, Dec 9, 2022

This week we cover Mark Esler’s keynote address from UbuCon Asia 2022 on Improving FOSS Security, plus we look at security vulnerabilities and updates for snapd, the Linux kernel, ca-certificates and more.

Episode 183

Posted on Friday, Dec 2, 2022

This week we look at a recent report from Elastic Security Labs on the global Linux threat landscape, plus we look at a few of the security vulnerabilities patched by the team in the past 7 days.

Episode 182

Posted on Friday, Nov 25, 2022

After a longer-than-expected break, the Ubuntu Security Podcast is back, covering some highlights of the various security items planned during the 23.04 development cycle, our entrance into the fediverse of Mastodon, some open positions on the team and some of the details of the various security updates from the past week.

Episode 181

Posted on Friday, Oct 21, 2022

It’s the release of Ubuntu 22.10 Kinetic Kudu, and we give you all the details on what’s new and improved, with a particular focus on the security features, plus we cover a high priority vulnerability in libksba as well.

Episode 180

Posted on Friday, Oct 14, 2022

Ubuntu Pro beta is announced and we cover all the details with Lech Sandecki and Eduardo Barretto, plus we cover security updates for DHCP, kitty, Thunderbird, LibreOffice, the Linux kernel, .NET 6 and more.

Episode 179

Posted on Friday, Sep 30, 2022

Finer grained control for unprivileged user namespaces is on the horizon for Ubuntu 22.10, plus we cover security updates for PCRE, etcd, OAuthLib, SoS, Squid and more.

Episode 178

Posted on Friday, Sep 23, 2022

You can’t test your way out of security vulnerabilities (at least when writing your code in C), plus we cover security updates for Intel Microcode, vim, Wayland, the Linux kernel, SQLite and more.

Episode 177

Posted on Friday, Sep 16, 2022

Alex talks with special guests Nishit Majithia and Matthew Ruffell about a recent systemd regression on Ubuntu 18.04 LTS plus we cover security updates for Dnsmasq, the Linux kernel, poppler, .NET 6, rust-regex and more.

Episode 176

Posted on Friday, Sep 9, 2022

On this week’s episode we dive into the Shikitega Linux malware report from AT&T Alien Labs, plus we cover security updates for the Linux kernel, curl and Zstandard as well as some open positions on the team. Join us!