A weekly podcast talking about the latest developments and updates from the Ubuntu Security team.

Alex Murray

Alex Murray

Joe McManus

Joe McManus

Latest Episode

Episode 63

Posted on Thursday, Feb 20, 2020

Security updates for Firefox, QEMU, Linux kernel, ClamAV and more, plus we discuss our recommended reading list for getting into infosec and farewell long-time member of the Ubuntu Security Team / community Tyler Hicks.

Episode 57

Posted on Thursday, Dec 19, 2019

In the final episode of 2019, we look at security updates for RabbitMQ, GraphicsMagick, OpenJDK and more, plus Joe and Alex discuss a typical day-in-the-life of a Ubuntu Security Team member.

Episode 56

Posted on Friday, Dec 13, 2019

In the second to last episode for 2019, we look at security updates for Samba, Squid, Git, HAProxy and more, plus Alex and Joe discuss Evil Corp hacker indictments, unsecured AWS S3 buckets and more.

Episode 55

Posted on Monday, Dec 9, 2019

This week we cover security updates for NSS, SQLite, the Linux kernel and more, plus Joe and Alex discuss a recent FBI advisory warning about possible dangers of Smart TVs.

Episode 54

Posted on Sunday, Nov 24, 2019

Security updates for DPDK, Linux kernel, QEMU, ImageMagick, Ghostscript and more, plus Joe and Alex talk about how to get into information security.

Episode 53

Posted on Friday, Nov 15, 2019

This week we look at the details of the latest Intel hardware vulnerabilities, including security updates for the Linux kernel and Intel microcode, plus Bash, cpio, FriBidi and more.