A weekly podcast talking about the latest developments and updates from the Ubuntu Security team.

Latest Episode

Episode 210

Posted on Friday, Sep 22, 2023

It’s the Linux Security Summit in Bilbao this week and we bring you some highlights from our favourite talks, plus we cover the 25 most stubborn software weaknesses, and we look at security updates for Open VM Tools, libwebp, Django, binutils, Indent, the Linux kernel and more.

Episode 199

Posted on Friday, Jun 16, 2023

For our 199th episode Andrei looks at Fuzzing Configurations of Program Options plus we discuss Google’s findings on the io_uring kernel subsystem and we look at vulnerability fixes for Netatalk, Jupyter Core, Vim, SSSD, GNU binutils, GLib and more.

Episode 198

Posted on Friday, Jun 9, 2023

This week we investigate the mystery of failing GPG signatures for the 16.04 ISO images, plus we look at security updates for CUPS, Avahi, the Linux kernel, FRR, Go and more.

Episode 197

Posted on Friday, Jun 2, 2023

The venerable Ubuntu 18.04 LTS release has transitioned into ESM, plus we look at Till Kamppeter’s excellent guide on how to set up your GitHub projects to receive private vulnerability reports, and we cover the week in security updates including PostgreSQL, Jhead, the Linux kernel, Linux PTP, snapd and a whole lot more.

Episode 196

Posted on Friday, May 26, 2023

This week we look at some recent security developments from PyPI, the Linux Security Summit North America and the pending transition of Ubuntu 18.04 to ESM, plus we cover security updates for cups-filter, the Linux kernel, Git, runC, ncurses, cloud-init and more.

Episode 195

Posted on Friday, May 19, 2023

Alex and Camila discuss security update management strategies after a recent outage at Datadog was attributed to a security update for systemd on Ubuntu, plus we look at security vulnerabilities in the Linux kernel, OpenStack, Synapse, OpenJDK and more.

Episode 194

Posted on Thursday, May 11, 2023

The team are back from Prague and bring with them a new segment, drilling into recent academic research in the cybersecurity space - for this inaugural segment new team member Andrei looks at modelling of attacks against network intrusion detections systems, plus we cover the week in security updates looking at vulnerabilities in Django, Ruby, Linux kernel, Erlang, OpenStack and more.

Episode 193

Posted on Thursday, Apr 13, 2023

The release of Ubuntu 23.04 Lunar Lobster is nigh so we take a look at some of the things the security team has been doing along the way, plus it’s our 6000th USN so we look back at the last 19 years of USNs whilst covering security updates for the Linux kernel, Emacs, Irssi, Sudo, Firefox and more.

Episode 192

Posted on Friday, Mar 31, 2023

Ubuntu gets pwned at Pwn2Own 2023, plus we cover security updates for vulns in GitPython, object-path, amanda, url-parse and the Linux kernel - and we mention the recording of Alex’s Everything Open 2023 presentation as well.

Episode 191

Posted on Friday, Mar 24, 2023

This week saw the unexpected release of Ubuntu 20.04.6 so we go into the detail behind that, plus we talk Everything Open and we cover security updates including Emacs, LibreCAD, Python, vim and more.

Episode 190

Posted on Friday, Mar 10, 2023

The Ubuntu Security Podcast is on a two week break to focus on Everything Open 2023 in Melbourne next week - come hear Alex talk about Securing a distribution and securing your own open source project in person if you can.